Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I need the cheapest way to get to London from anywhere in U.S.

I need the cheapest way to get to London from anywhere in U.S.?
I can fly for free anywhere in the U.S. So I'm wondering whats the cheapest flight on any airline to London Heathrow International Airport from anywhere in the Unites States. I was thinking JFK our Minneapolis/St. Paul. But if anyone knows of anything cheaper they could recommend I would be very much appreciated. It doesn't matter what city or what airline I depart from. Thank you In February, I am aware of the current weather situation right now in London
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You're probably not gonna be able to land in london now. havent u been watching the news? heathrow is snowed in.
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Round trip $460 check out the link below
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Right now you'll be really struggling to get a flight into London because of the weather. Heaviest snow in decades. You might be better trying to fly to elsewhere in the UK, and get a train to London. Keep an eye on the weather updates to see which airports are operating.
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stow away in the landing gear of a London bound plane, it's safe, people do it all the time

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