Monday, June 7, 2010

Y&R Spoilers for Tuesday's show.

Y&R Spoilers for Tuesday's show.?
Kevin shows up and is invited to dinner, but Kevin declines Kevin finds Daisy's envelop in Mike's briefcase, he sees the contents, and puts it back Michael gets a phone call and Kevin confronts Lauren about the picture of her and Paul kissing Michael leaves and Lauren begs Kevin not to tell Villy are flirting and Billy shows Vikki his green boxers They talk about Ashley GCAC: Neil and Lily are approached by Daniel who asks about Cane Cane will be deported today unless Michael can make a miracle happen Neil tells Lily Miracles do happen Daniel scolds Lily for lying to Neil about her cancer Michael tell Vikki JT can't be forced to move out of the house She can leave but not with Reed Jimmys: Mac and JT are talking about making green beer and JT saying his days of celebrating St. Pat's Day with Vikki are over JT tells Mac about Adam and how ridiculous how he was treated, he thinks their crazy for not expecting repercussions Brad's: Jack wants to take a shower but wants to wait for Billy to show up Ashley insists that she'll be ok and when Jack leaves Ashley takes of with Faith Jack calls out for Ashley but there's no reply Neil stops by and they wonder where Ashley is Detention Center: Cane tells Lily how amazing she is and not to worry they'll be together to raise their children in Paris Mac comes and says the babies are healthy and Cane tells her to watch out for Lily Daniel comes and tells Lily it's not good to lie Cane and Lily have a tearful goodbye Lily admits she lied about her cancer Airport: Ashley runs into Tucker at the airport Tucker is going to see his lawyers in NY and Ashley's flight is delayed Tucker asks Ashley where she's going she tells him it's none of his business but he presses anyway Ashley says she needs time away and Tucker says she's not the kind to run away Tucker and Ashley return with Faith and Jack blasts Tucker for being with Ashley
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1 :
Well Done. Thanks!
2 :
I want Daisy caught as bad as I did ADAM... She is cruel..
3 :
Sugar chill out, and leave Daisy alone, she is so refreshing to see on Y&R for a change, can't wait to find out what her plans are for down the road. So it seems like Tucker will be replacing Adam as the man to hate in GC since Jack already is threating him. and then you have Victor who isn't going to threat him nicely either I wish someone would beat them in their own game. oh by the way Go JT and Mac for finally seeing the Newmens for who they truly are!

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