Monday, June 14, 2010

I need the cheapest way to get to London from anywhere in U.S.

I need the cheapest way to get to London from anywhere in U.S.?
I can fly for free anywhere in the U.S. So I'm wondering whats the cheapest flight on any airline to London Heathrow International Airport from anywhere in the Unites States. I was thinking JFK our Minneapolis/St. Paul. But if anyone knows of anything cheaper they could recommend I would be very much appreciated. It doesn't matter what city or what airline I depart from. Thank you
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I would think either New York, Washington DC or Chicago would be the cheapest because those routes are pretty competitive.
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The cheapest place to fly from would be the place that offers the most airlines that fly from the US to London. For example, from New York JFK and from Los Angeles LAX, five airlines service JFK-LHR and LAX-LHR. That means fares will be lower since there is more competition on the route. I highly suggest flying from either Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York. Have a great trip!

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