Saturday, May 1, 2010

How long is the flight from Accra Ghana to St Paul Mn

How long is the flight from Accra Ghana to St Paul Mn?
How many hours and minutes? And, does it get done with just one plane, or is there a connecting flight or 2nd plane?
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at least 20 hours if not more, there are no direct flights from Ghana to US, you have to go thru Europe so it depends if the city in europe they fly thru has direct flights to St Paul or not
2 :
Plan a full day (24 hours). Best bet is Delta -- its JFK (New York) to Accra flight is about 9 hours long. Hit it right with a flight from MN and you could get lucky and do it all in 15-16 hours. There are more direct flights to Nigeria -- Arak has a new one, Delta, maybe a couple others. But then you need to switch airports -- get a transit visa for Nigeria. I've done this -- it is fine really -- but I am used to it. Probably not worth it. Otherwise you are stuck flying through Europe. I taken Lufthansa the last few times and I've never had less than 5 hours sitting in Frankfurt. There used to more direct flights but the airlines either went out of business (Air Afrique), changed their model to charter only (North American) or dropped the route. You might check with Ghana Int'l Airlines.

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