Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why don't McCain and Palin put "country first"

Why don't McCain and Palin put "country first"?
We just finished the Republican National Convention, the Republican's self-described "country first" convention. McCain's speech provided an "advance warning to the old, big spending, do nothing, me-first, country-second Washington crowd: change is coming!!!" But something happened between Thursday and Saturday. Sarah Palin's new campaign jet is an Embraer 190 regional jet. Embraer is a Brazilian company; all their manufacturing is in Brazil. What happened? Doesn't America make planes anymore? Oh yeah, I forgot. Boeing is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. And McCain was blamed by Boeing just last March when a $35 billion U.S. contract for a tanker plane when to Europe's Airbus Industries. I wonder why it was so important last week, but now, Sarah Palin and John McCain don't think it is important to put America first. What do you think happened? OK, sorry purists. I thought it would be easier to read a Wikipedia article on Embraer. But that's OK. Here is a link to Embraer's corporate website. You know your question is a good one when all Republicans can do is criticize a Wikipedia link, or say "silly liberal." Sorry to those who don't like the seatllepi news source. Here is the same story from USA Today.
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1 :
Your post lost all credibility with the wikipedia link.
2 :
The country they are mentioning is China. They serve the Chinese by giving away jobs so that China can expand its military and its power in the UN.
3 :
silly liberal
4 :
You've done a lot of research for such a boring topic.
5 :
Your post lost all credibility with the wikipedia link.
6 :
LOL starring this, want to see what the fundies have to say about it!
7 :
They don't put country first... really? McCain has two sons currently serving in the military and Palin has one... and YOU say they don't put country first? Frickin moron.
8 :
i don't find your sources to be credible
9 :
lets just vote for a write in before this country goes bankrupt!
10 :
For Neocon Royalty who don't deal with the press, it's all about profits -- foreign profits
11 :
if this were the only thing these 2 were doing to hurt America i could live with it. Republicans lost their minds over people that had a passing association with Obama, yet they stay silent when Their VP Candidate is Directly Connected with a group That OPENLY HATES America.
12 :
I drive a Hyundai but that has nothing to do with cleaning up Washington. Washington is broken and your upset about what they fly in. Please get a life.
13 :
BOEING is same ol same old lobbying and politics and I, for onr, am tired of being a slave to lobbyists. Kudos to purchasing from the best vendor and not the one whose hadn is in my elected official's pocket:
14 :
The morals of the republican party are despicable. They work on political expedience - that's it. Me first. Screw you. I'm better than you - so and so forth. I was a republican for decades - as a matter of fact I am still registered as one however; I have grown up and I now despise that party.
15 :
LOLOL, maybe they got it cheaper! LOL woman cuts the budget by 500 million ythere, sells the luxury jet, gets rid of the chef and maids, drives herself to work and no more limo. LOL and you have to jump on this tidbit. seems to me, the government paid for the luxury jet, so the money was already spent, she sells it on ebay and returns most of the money and buys a cheaper one and you have a problem with that. she sends alaskans a chek each month for their part of the income recieved in the pipeline. She gave them back a rebate check for 1200 because after doing the budget seen she didnt need all their money. and you have a problem with where the jet come from. lol keep digging!!
16 :
I think they have a leg up on that race since barack hussein and michelle have abosolutely nothing in that department to offer except hate and disappointment towards America and Biden has been at the office for 30 years. I think he is involved in a lot more money making Washington schemes than hussein has said the word "change". Keep trying buddy. LOL
17 :
She sold the Alaska state plane because she determined it to be wasteful, but because she's such a gosh darned crackerjack business woman, she took a $600,000 hit for the state on selling it, making the sale wasteful, not the state's ownership of the plane. I wonder how much this little not-made-in-the-USA number cost taxpayers. I find it sort of bizarre, don't you, that two Republican posters criticized Wikipedia using EXACTLY the same words?
18 :
Do you really want to compare how the two candidates who are running for President have used their power as Senators to request money for pet project. Well in 3 terms Mccain has not ever used earmarks in Obama 3 years he has requested 740 million dollars in earmarks and managed to get his wife a promotion and a more than double of her pay check. And if you want to talk about lobbyist you might want to check out Joe Biden's son,he made thousands lobbying for the credit card companies and now has some legal problems. So maye you think we should trust Obama and Biden to change the way things are done in Washington. I think I will put my trust in McCain and Palin to reduce government wasteful spending.
19 :
First of all...he didnt choose a Brazilian plane...he just happened to choose a American carrier that uses our planes ( i work for Embraer)... silly liberaI I did quality control on Mccain's plane when they were painting the names on i've been inside their plane.

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