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Flying with 6mo old - TIPS PLEASE!

Flying with 6mo old - TIPS PLEASE!?
I will be flying with my 6.5mo old in about a week and a half. It'll be his first time flying - i'll be holding him on the flight. I'm hoping that the airline will check a stroller at the gate - anyone do that recently? did they charge you? what type of stroller did you bring (I think that he's too little for an umbrella stroller as I think he'll fall/squirm right out) Also, car seat, how did you "package" it? We're not renting a car, so I have to bring ours. All other tips appreciated :) We are flying out of Minneapolis/St. Paul on Delta.
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The carseat they just took from me were i registered and that didn't cost and a stroller im not sure if that costs probably but im unsure.
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With our son, we had him in the car seat because the carseat attached to the stroller, luckily the plane was not full and they let us take the car seat on, and put him in a seat next to us. And the stroller they checked at the gate. They didn't charge us anything for that. If there was no room, we were just going to check both at the gate. We got lucky the plane wasn't full. If it's a long plane ride, holding a baby for that long can get tiring and difficult!
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Flying with babies is a little stressful but people are usually good with you. Phone the airline and airport and tell them you will have a baby with you. This will make everything less stressful. You can also ask about a stroller. When packaging your car seat you should put it in a see-through garbage bag and you will load it through as a piece of luggage. Depending on the size of the airport they might have a bag for you to put it in. Ask them that when you phone. Some airlines have different policies. I fly with my 7 month old twins all the time and they love it. You should take your baby to the doctors and let him/her know that your baby will be flying. he/she will give you advice about what to do for the baby.
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When my son was 7 months he flew on my lap from NYC to Honalulu! The car seat you can just bring and check with the rest of your luggage. Generally the car seat and stroller are both free to check.. although most airlines now charge $15 for your first bag and $25 for your 2nd.. for your standard luggage. You have to check with your airline. I just gave them the car seat and they put a tag on it. I tried to use bungees to hold the part that moved down on the convertible car seat but they took them off and told me they weren't allowed to have them cause it could be a hazard if they popped off. I noticed on the way back they put the car seat in a big bag.. not on the way there though. Both times it was fine! I checked my stroller with my luggage and used a baby-carrier in the airport since I was traveling alone and it gave me more hands. I saw people checking them at the gate though. The only issue is just incase there isn't enough room they may have to put it on another flight for you.. but if it's a small stroller I'm sure that would never be an issue. They don't charge fees for strollers either. No airline I looked up has every charged for either of these items. As far as your baby goes.. make sure to nurse or bottle-feed him during take-offs and landings to help with the air pressure in his ears. The swallowing equalizes it so it does not pop. If you nurse.. don't worry about nursing on the plane. I sat next to strangers each flight and everyone was so nice about it! Some airplanes have changing stations. The ones that don't will let you go in the back of the plane to change on the floor.. so make sure you have a comfy changing pad. If your baby gets bored easily you could try to bring a snack.. my son was eating cheerios (he was almost 8 months really) ... those were a life-saver! When he got upset i would hold one out and all was better! Also, some small, quiet toys are good. Things to chew on would be good at 6 months. Good luck! Good chance your baby falls asleep in the air.. most do! Our flight was over 10 hours and even though my son is usually very fidgety and fussy he did great and slept a lot. The movement is very relaxing!
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i used my stroller and carseat (it was one of those travel systems) to lug our carry on luggage and carried my dd1 in a sling (3months old at the time) checked all that stuff in as we were boarding at the terminal. they tagged it, stored, and brought it out for me when we landed. no charge back then....but my dd1 is now turning 3, so there may have been some changes. good luck w/ your trip!
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I just got back from Victoria BC it was a 5 hour flight. My daughter JUST turned 6 months. You're allowed to bring two "baby items". That would include either, a stroller, car seat, or play pen etc. They do allow you to check the stroller at the gate. Depending on how hot it is there (I'm in Canada) the umbrella stroller will be sooo much easier to cart around. You can just put a blanket in there with him (tuck it around him, or under his arm) that way he won't flop over, or fall out. I saw others checking their car seat, and they had a BIG plastic bad over it (not sure where to get it from) I was lucky, that my daughter slept the WHOLE way. Make sure you have a bottle, soother or to nurse during take off and helps with the pressure. Other than that...good luck!!

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