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What to bring I'm flying with a 4month old

What to bring I'm flying with a 4month old?
I'm flying with my baby sister.On August 20th We're leaving from FAI(Fairbanks,Alaska) to PSE(Ponce,Puerto Rico) and stops in MSP(Minneapolis St.Paul,Montana) to Washington D.C. to SJU(San Juan,Puerto Rico) finally to Ponce. What should I bring for her me and my mom packed all the essentials. Milk Extra wipes Lots of diapers Anything else I should bring? And my parents can't come with me,but the flight attendants are going to look out for us,but they won't accompany us,because she's only 4months and we're going to be switching airlines. I fly alot and I know my way around the airport so I'm okay with that. No rude remarks! Thanks I forgot about bottles!
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Bring a soother. The change in altitude often affects the ears. Adults can clear their ears easily, babies can't, but sucking on a pacifier or on a bottle, during takeoff and landings, can help.
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Her bottle with milk/water in for take up and landing, ensure your baby sister is sucking on it so she doesn't get air sockets in her ear. Apart from that,, something to play with to keep her occupied and help your Mum by carrying the stuff while she pushes the prame. Good luck.
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wow ur going everywhere well u mainly will need things to keep her full u, milk and stuff u probably need music and things to do for yourself, books, crosswords, ipod, mp3 players and hopefully she'll fall asleep so it will be a good flight for the both of u have fun! =]
4 :
toys. dont any flights now... been there done that
5 :
That sounds like a fun trip. Your baby sister will already get to claim flying and visiting a lot of places by the time she's in kindergarten that most people can't claim at 50 years old, ha! With my experience traveling with my kids when they were under 6 months old, was just mostly a bottle and diapers, something to clean up with they spit up and if she has her own seat on the plane, then bring her carrier that rocks. Most important thing when flying is the ear aches the babies get because their ear tubes are still not completely developed and the attitude changes can cause them severe pain. That's why the bottle or pacifier is the most important thing. For adults you hear about chewing gum, which is kind of for the same reasons, to help release that pressure in the ear canal. You can also bring a toy that is shiny that catches her eye or something that makes noise that she likes. She will usually grab it and suck on it, so that's good. Have a safe and fun trip!!

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