Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is this a dog scam? i think it is

Is this a dog scam? i think it is?
I have been talking with this guy and he says that he has a yorkie for me in Cameroon! I don't really believe him. What do you think? "We are on a volunteer mission to Cameroon together with the UN malaria committee in regards to the disease in pregnant women and children. We traveled up here together with Maggie and my daughter. They wont allow Maggie stay in the country for reason being that, pets from other countries are not allowed here and i have been given a maximum of eight days to send her back to the states. So that is the reason i have to find for her a home back in the states where she will be showered with all that love and affection I was previously based in Mn St Paul before traveling to Cameroon . When are you expecting her home? I will like if everything is done as soon as possible. That precisely is not my problem what matters to me is that she should be home and feel at home. I have 5 months 2 weeks here.. I can get her ship as soon as possible. Its depends on when you send the money for shipping.. As soon as i have the money, i will get her ship immediately. To get her ship over to you will cost $180.If you are interested in getting the puppy, do let ,me know. The flight will take 9 to 10 hours."
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It is a very well know scam! They have just about any kind of dog your looking for and guess what, you pay them and get nothing! Your just out of your money! Lots of people are still falling for this scam dont be one of them ok!
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OMG. Of course it's a scam! Don't ever talk to those people! I didn't know people still fell for these things. Cameroon is ALWAYS a SCAM! No dog is free! Ever! Tell him to FUCK off and rot in hell.
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Yes it's a long-running scam. There is no puppy. Nice touch by the scammer adding the "UN Malaria Committee" though.
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Um hello we just told you this on your LAST question. Why do you feel the need to ask again. OF COURSE ITS A SCAM!
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Nice try scammer.
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Yes I get e-mails like this all the time.. anytime somebody ask you to "send money" first,, then its a scam.. How sad of them to use a poor dog for there scam stories,,, do not fall for it!

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