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Imans removed from airplane

Imans removed from airplane?
Mav been listening and reading about the Imans removed from the airplane in Minneapolis/St Paul. As Mav understands it, they were coming from a huge meeting of Imans, it was time for evening prayers and they got together and prayed in the airport (not on the plane) Once they were on the plane, a passenger slipped a note to the flight attendant and they were asked to get off the plane, they refused and were put in handcuffs and removed. Mav still hasn't seen a good reason for them being asked to leave the plane. Is our fear so great?
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1 :
Mine sure is.
2 :
The one who slipped the note to the flight attendant--their hate and fear was this great.
3 :
There was/is no reason, good or otherwise, for that to have happened. I can appreciate vigilence, but that has to be tempered with common sense. That being said, I think the response by the Muslim "community" is a bit over the top. But then again, that's their MO.
4 :
depends upon certain circumstances. what did the note say as this may have an important bearing on the actions taken.
5 :
The way I heard it on the news this morning, they were standing up, praying on the plane and wouldn't sit down. That's just another version. who knows what really happened unless they were there, though
6 :
Fear is an excellent motivator. Apparently, Americans have already forgotten the lesson we learned in WWII with the interment camps....
7 :
Mav... None of us were there... what appears to be real is that someone was scared. In this situation, there are no winners, only sadness and confusion.
8 :
Yes. Properly placed or not. Until the typical Muslim can stand up and say that the radicals are NOT the true muslims, expect more fear and hatred.
9 :
In any country, passengers may report concerns to flight attendants. If a person or persons are a concern for passengers, the airline may ask them to take another flight. This is a result of the 9/11 attacks and is the world we live in today. God bless you. TD
10 :
What is truly sad is that our current president supports these kinds of actions wholeheartedly and has set laws into effect to ensure they keep happening
11 :
people are stupid, there is and never will be a good reason to ask a muslim person to get off a plane unless they are actually trying to do something. but that also applies to everyone else.
12 :
It's the Salem Witch Hunts all over again. We are the judges, juries, and executioners. The only things we are missing are stocks and other torture devices (oh, wait, we had to re-write international law because we DO use those). And yes Mav, our fear far outweighs our reason at this point.
13 :
What the heck?! Honestly there is nothing wrong with a few Imans doing evening prayer. I'm Muslim and this just shows how ignorant people choose to be about Islam. Yes it has to do with ignorance and fear and the fact that we are still being seen as terrorists. May ALLAH help the Imans.
14 :
I think the airlines are getting out of hand. Kinda like that woman who was breastfeeding her baby, kicking her off the plane was stupid. Gotta admit, it would annoy me if my son was with me on a plane and a woman was breastfeeding and wouldn't use the blanket the flight attendant gave her to cover up with, I might have to smack the silly woman, but I wouldn't get her thrown off the plane. In my opinion, the airlines are hiring too many people, and no IQ tests. You get these ignorant people and they get the idea they have the power to get people kicked off planes, they go on a power trip just to do it. These imans weren't doing anything wrong, except for the annoyance factor in changing their seats once in the plane, then asking for a seat belt extender even when it wasn't needed. Just annoyances that all service people have to deal with.
15 :
It grieves me.
16 :
I even cannot comment oh my God really I don't know what to say There first proposal was women rights Then was our schools curricula Then it was sharea law Then the Quran Now the five prayers a day.. I guess they will change it to once a week sunday prayer inside the church.. if they're nice enough they'll make it friday and they'll call it a mosque After that they'll change every Abdullah's name to Christian & every Mariam to Mary. Is it a war on our identity!!!!? IT'S MANDATORY IN OUR RELIGION TO PRAY FIVE TIMES A DAY AT SPECIFIC TIMING, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM AMERICAN!!! AND YOU BLAME OUR IDIOTS FOR THEIR TERROISM!!! YOU MADE THEM LOOSE THEIR MINDS!
17 :
This means that those people fears of anything , So , I'm asking where is Rambo, Schwazineger or even jaki chane ?? We see such brave people in movies only !!
18 :
they should sue for racism. would they treat a white person the same if someone slipped an ote about them? or any other? whats to stop random people from slipping notes about bunch of other random people? racism is nothing more then ignorant fear.
19 :
i would have to reserve judgement until the whole story is depicted. i can understand someone's fear - sadly it's our mindset today. I once pulled out my rosary to pray before a flight took off -- i like to use the time on the plane to loose myself in prayer. the person next to me asked -- very pale faced and wide eyed - do you know something i don't know. i comforted him and yes apologized. since then i don't use the rosary -- i can pray without it it was just (and still is) a favorite pasttime. however i don't need the beads so.... paranoia is running rampant and the fears of the people have to be considered. i do however, think it was a little naive of the passenger who "alerted" the flight crew.
20 :
Yes it is. I feel sorry for the innocent people but, by the same token they are not put in a concentration camp like the Japanese were. It will be sorted out. I understand your concern though. I think precautions do have to be taken, any suggestions for an alternative approach?

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