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I'm flying alone with my 4month old sister

I'm flying alone with my 4month old sister?
I'm 14. I fly alone all the time,but i'm always accompanied,but you can't be accompanied with a baby. This is my 2nd time flying with her,but before it was a non-stop flight. Next saturday I'm going back to Alaska and 5 days later leaving. We're going to Ponce,Puerto Rico from Fairbanks,Alaska. We have 3stops In Minneapolis St.Paul,Montana. Washington,D.C. and San Juan,Puerto Rico then finally to Ponce,Puerto Rico. We will be leaving at 8:35am and getting there at 4:18pm the nexxt day.Coming back on October 1st it's Ponce,Puerto Rico to San Juan,Puerto Rico to New York City,New York to Cincinatti,Ohio to Seattle,Washington and finally to Fairbanks,Alaska. I am familiar with all these airports and know my way around very well so I'm not scared of missing a flight or anything.I'm worried for my sister on the way to puero rico most of the layover are 9 hours,3,hours. and on the way back each are just like an hour. What should I bring for her???And how to keep her kinda calm.Also I have seizures so I don't know what I would do since I'm alone I don't get them much,but when I do get them they're not tha bad,but still. This is alot of info. I didn't really know what to say sorry! Thanks! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I've been flying since I was 2 and flying alone since I was 7. My parents work. Most airlines 11 is considered a adult. It's a real question. And my parents work.
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Your 14 years old? I have a 11 year son and there is no way that my child would fly alone. I'm sorry , but you shouldn't be responsible for your sister. Where are your parents or guardians? This is scary.
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I think it is a serious shame your parents are putting this responsibility on your shoulders. I actually have a very hard time believing that A: The airlines are allowing this B: Your parents would allow this C: That this is even a real question.
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well considering the other answers have just been insulting you and your parents, my advice would be to take a soother/dummy rif she uses one, plenty of formula for feeds or expressed milk (whatever she has), a favorite toy or/and blanket, maybe something that had lights or music that can keep her settled, and the best thing for her as you are having to fly alone is for you to be calm as this will keep her calm and make sure the airline know you are alone and may need their help. i hope the trip goes ok.
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Does this bother you at all? It seems like a lot of responsibility for someone so young and your parents are giving you the responsibility of a 4 month old?
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Just make sure you bring a lot of formula to feed her and see if you can find some toys to keep her entertained.
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im not going to get into how unfair this is to you because your putting yourself out there even asking. just make sure you bring her favortie toys and blankets to keep her calm on the plane. she will more then likely sleep most of the time but if not bring a baby book to read to her (one of the cardboard think ones that she can bite on while you read it) and extra diapers and formula and baby food or whatnot because you are going to be in flight and on stop overs for quite a long time it seems. i am sorry you have to be dealing with this at 14 but im sure it will be just fine as long as you believe it will be ok and dont stress yourself out too much lol. im 23 and i sitll get a little nervous atr the beginning of a plane trip with my baby and shes 7 months now. just pack everything ya need and talk to her alot or sing quietly to her.

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