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Will Delta (airline) check my exact age to make sure I do not need to be checked as an unaccompanied minor

Will Delta (airline) check my exact age to make sure I do not need to be checked as an unaccompanied minor?
I am going to Detroit, Michigan this summer from Portland, Oregon. My flight leaves Portland at 1:00AM and I get to St. Paul, Minn, at around 4:30AM. I then board a plane that takes me to Detroit, Michigan. On the way home I leave from Detroit, Michigan at about 3:00PM and fly to Los Angelese for a 4-hour layover until I finally board the plane to arrive back in Portland at about 12:00 MIDNIGHT. I am 14 years old and will be 14 years old when I take this flight. If I am 15 I would not be counted as an unaccompanied minor. If I told them I was 15 would they allow me to fly by myself? Or would they really go check into it and look for my exact age on their computer somehow? Thank you and please help me out! Any Delta or Northwest Airlines Ex-Employees could maybe help me! Thank you!
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Aren't they going to check for you Id any way? That would give away your age.
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I am not sure how closely Delta will check your age to see if you need the unaccompanied minor program, but you HAVE to give them correct age. They are required by the federal government to collect your full name, date of birth, and gender. The TSA has a program called "Secure Flight" that requires them to do this. The only way you could avoid this would be if you bought the tickets before October 31, 2009. Check the link below.
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I bought tickets about 6 weeks ago on United, and, as part of the on-line purchase process, they required me to provide my birthday. I believe this is required of all ticket purchases now. They will know your exact age. You better talk with the airline about this, because you do not want to find out when you get to one of those airports that they will not allow you on the plane. I suppose you could lie about your birthday.... but I would not recommend it.

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