Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have to fly tomorrow and scared to death.

Have to fly tomorrow and scared to death.?
I am flying for work tomorrow from Nashville,TN to St Paul,MN. I have a stop in Chicago so each flight is about 1:25 long. I have flown in the past and never been scared. Now, just the thought scares the crap out of me. Will drinking in the loungs before the flight help? When I drink at home, I worry less about things. Should I get an isle seat or window? Is there any over the conter med that will work better? Also, Im not flying first class so do most big flights serve drinks in flight? class
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1 :
yes they do.
2 :
Why are you so worried? You have flown before!!! I would NOT think about drinking in the lounges cause one flight may be late coming in and the other on time and you have to get from one gate to the other.....and what if they change gates..etc. Have a drink ON the plane to calm yourself. Then have another when you are ON the next flight. Coach passengers also get offered alcoholic drinks.
3 :
I have flown many times and if you are on American Airlines and going to the oafs in Chicago airport I would worry too. I would rather go by mule.
4 :
I too have never flown before but im flying in 2 weeks to FL. Im terrified. But take dramamine. It will help with nausea and relax you. Get a window seat. If you get scared by looking out the window,there is always someone willing to trade with you. Have a safe and happy trip

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