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Do i need to claim and recheck my luggage when transit from international flight to a domestic flight in US

Do i need to claim and recheck my luggage when transit from international flight to a domestic flight in US?
Hi all, I'm travelling from Malaysia to Pittsburgh, USA. Here's my itinerary booked from Orbitz: All Nippon Airways # 5856 Kuala Lumpur Int'l (KUL) to Tokyo Narita (NRT) Delta Air Lines # 620 Tokyo Narita (NRT) to Minneapolis St Paul Intl (MSP) Delta Air Lines # 3022 Minneapolis St Paul Intl (MSP) to Pittsburgh Int'l Apt. (PIT) What I want to know is does my luggage will be send directly from Malaysia to Pittsburgh? Do I need to claim my luggage when I arrive Minneapolis and re-check them before on-board to the domestic flight from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh? Thank you very much for your help!!! Appreciate that~~
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In the US, the rule is that when you are entering a country, you must clear customs in the first port that you land in (or first point of entry). So yes, you will need to collect your bags, clear customs and officially "enter the usa" and then re-check for your MSP-PIT flight.
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You will go through US Immigration and Customs in Minneapolis. Once off the aircraft go to Immigration/Passport Control. Once through Immigration go to the baggage claim area and collect your luggage (there are carts). Take your luggage to the Customs checkpoint - the Officer normally just collects your stamped form and waves you through. Just after Customs is Interline Baggage. It is there you give your luggage back to the airline. You don't have to "check-in" again since your luggage is already tagged for delivery to the destination airport and you will already have a boarding pass for the onward flight. Just go to the gate for your next flight. You may or may not have to go through Security again. All Nippon does not appear to be a Delta Airlines partner so you may have to get boarding passes for the Delta flights in Tokyo. However, All Nippon Airways # 5856 appears to be a code-share flight that is operated by Malaysia Airlines (which is a Delta partner) so be sure to ask. At worst you will have to go to the Transit counter or a Delta desk at NRT to get the boarding passes for the NRT-MSP and MSP-PIT flights. All Nippon should still be able to check your luggage to your destination so you don't have to handle it in Tokyo. Always tag your checked luggage > inside and outside < with your name as it appears on your ticket, a phone number someone reliable will answer, your e-mail address (not your home address), and your frequent flier number. If you have stereotypical black luggage then attach something to it to make it easier to identify. Examples are a colored ribbon tied to the handle or colored tape attached to the outside. There are millions of black suitcases. Pack a complete change of clothing and basic toiletries in your carry-on. The rules for liquids, etc. are on here If you have a long time between flights in Tokyo then consider getting a day-pass to Delta's SkyClub. You will also be able to use the pass between flights in MSP: I hope you have a good trip!
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Plz read US flight rules guide book.

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