Monday, December 7, 2009

[anime] shops in Narita-Tokyo International Airport

[anime] shops in Narita-Tokyo International Airport?
Well, I honestly don't know what Terminal I will land in, but here is my general info. -Flying in from Minneapolis/ St. Paul -Flying with Delta -It's an international flight, obviously. -I have a blotch of time, and I then will fly to the Philippines. And I don't know what floor I will be on. So are there any shops over there, on whatever Terminal or Floor you can guess that are more for anime objects (souvenirs)? Or just souvenirs general...
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I've never seen airport selling anime goods... airport isn't a place to buy that kind of stuff. there are lots of shops in narita though
2 :
You'll probably find the latest issues of anime and manga magazines in the bookstores, but that will be about your limit to that type of shopping at the airport. They do have general Japanese-style souvenir shops, though. It you want to try something a little more unique, buy some Goma-dango if you can. Very tasty!!
3 :
If you fly with Delta, you will arrive at Terminal 1. I don't think there are anime shops at Narita as others say. You can check by yourself.

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