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Should we baptise our pet animals

Should we baptise our pet animals?
St. Paul's encounter with the lion (The Acts of Paul) "But the lion looked at Paul, and Paul at the lion. Then Paul recognized that this was the lion which had come and been baptized. And borne along by faith Paul said, ‘Lion, was it you whom I baptized?' And the lion in answer said to Paul, ‘Yes.’ Paul spoke to it again and said, ‘And how were you captured?’ The lion said with its own voice, 'Just as you were, Paul.’ After Hieronymous had sent many beasts so that Paul might be slain, and archers that the lion too might be killed, a violent and exceedingly heavy hail-storm fell from heaven, although the sky was clear: many died and all the rest took to flight. But it did not touch Paul or the lion although the other beasts perished under the weight of the hail, which was so heavy that Hieronymus’ ear was hit and torn off, and the people cried out as they fled, ‘Save us, O God, of the man who fought with the beasts!’ And Paul took leave of the lion, which spoke no more, and went out of the stadium and down to the harbour and embarked on the ship that was sailing for Macedonia, for there were many who were sailing as if the city were about to perish. So he embarked too like one of the fugitives, but the lion went away into the mountains as was natural for it."
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1 :
just like the lion speaking was natural for it.
2 :
How would I baptize my pet goldfish, in that case? Why is it that animals talked back then but not now?
3 :
4 :
Well, I'm Jewish...and, I'd prefer not to have to try to circumsize my cat!
5 :
thats doing way too much
6 :
I don't think that was anywhere in the Bible and the pets don't know what you are doing so there is no significance. It's just a waste of time and most likely, the pets will just hate you more. But if you want to, go ahead... but it won't do anything except get them wet.
7 :
that depends on if you think animals can sin
8 :
My cat Fluffy is a heathen.
9 :
The Acts of Paul is a noncanonical book. I'm not certain, but I'd venture to guess that this is a prime example as to why the Church decided not to include it in the Bible.
10 :
I think you are confused. You probably meant baste. But I don't recommend it for pets. Just pet them, and make sure they have food and water.
11 :
Uhm, verses please?
12 :
Please cite the actual passage. I have searched 4 different translations of the New Testament, and NO where does this "story" appear, in ANY of the books of the New Testament, much less the Book of Acts. "Lion" does not appear ANYWHERE in that book whatsoever. MARANATHA! Come, Lord Jesus, COME!

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