Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Which airline is better? North Western or Airtran !!!

Which airline is better? North Western or Airtran !!!?
I amm booking a flight from Orlando International Airport to Minn/St. Paul Minnesota ! Which Airline is most comfortable, safer, and what not. Thank you Compare airlines among: North West, Air Tran, Sun Country, Delta ... Let me know which one is the best and why and list in order from the top being the best. Its obviously is a domestic, 3hr, flight keep in mind. Thank you
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1 :
AirTran Newer airplanes. Ditto on the regional jets! They are the plague of air travel. Small, cramped, and worst of all flown by very young inexperienced pilots the vast majority of the time. Definitely go on AirTran for that reason alone...
2 :
Technically, Northwest Airlines is part of Delta Air Lines now. They merged. I personally prefer AirTran. They only fly larger jets; no small, regional jets at all in their fleet. Their planes are all pretty new, and they all have Sirius XM radio in every passenger's seat, free of charge, so you can listen to any station you want throughout the entire flight (including during take-off and landing, which I liked - it's sort of relaxing).
3 :
AirTran has newer aircraft and I hear has better service than Northwest. Both airlines are safe and I would not have a problem flying either of them. AirTran and Northwest are probably the only airlines that will give you a non-stop flight so I would pick either one of those airlines.

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