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When did airlines stop giving a crap

When did airlines stop giving a crap?
I recently flew in from LAX to Minneapolis/St. Paul Intl. airport, and my dad and I had to catch the puddle jumper (the dinky little planes made to travel thirty minute flights) back home. Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled NOT because of the weather, but because one of the runways were closed down. The airline representatives were of no help whatsoever, and so we went to the info desk. We told him our story, and he says, "Well, that's a load of bull-crap". We buy bus tickets to get back. Later on, we find out that the airport had been pulling this crap for the past three days. Many old women and mothers with children had been stranded there in that duration, too. Pretty soon, up to fourteen people ask my dad how the hell they were to get out of the airport. There was this one from Columbia that was supposed to catch a flight to Madison, WI to attend medical school, and he told my dad "You're the nicest American I've met so far" after my dad gave him directions. So anyway, why have airlines stopped giving a crap about their passengers? Thanks, your answers are very much appreciated!
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I feel for the airlines in a post 9/11 world. Year by year the CEO's are struggling to keep customers due to the threat of terrorism and heightened security that turn people away from flying. This causes the poor CEO's to live cheaply and lose a big portion of their already small salary.
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Basically, they've stopped "giving a crap" because airline tickets are so cheap now than any low-life can afford to fly, thereby turning them into nothing more than flying buses. Before airline ticket prices were so cheap, flying was a treat for most people. They dressed up for a flight and were on their best behaviour. Now, a lot of people act like they're in a pool hall when they're flying.
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It was the regional airport which was shut down. Airports are not controlled by the airlines. They are managed by local governmental agencies. All the airlines do is use them to take off and land, while paying "gate fee" rental payments to the airport.
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Airlines have nothing to do with the airports. They do not own it, the cities are. Should write a letter to the mayor and try to get your money back for that canceled flight.
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Emily Dew hit the nail on the head. Airline tickets are cheaper today than they were ten years ago. Yet the costs of keeping those planes in the air have skyrocketed. American Airlines spent two billion dollars MORE on fuel last year than they did the 3 yrs ago. Did prices go up to compensate for that? No. The deficit has to be made up for that somewhere so they've cut amenities to the bare bone and no more food except in First Class. They've cut back on staffing in every area including gate agents and flight attendants. So these employees that you say "don't give a crap" have their own problems. They've been forced to take up to 30% pay cuts, yet due to understaffing are working harder and are under more stress than ever. People buy these cheap tickets, yet expect the service and amenities from pre-9/11 days. Until the airlines can charge what they need for tickets you're not going to see much improvement.

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