Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Detroit to St.Paul $1000!!!!! WTF

Detroit to St.Paul $1000!!!!! WTF?
I've been looking at flights from detroit to tampa for about a week or two now for the end of February. if you fly allot you might know that Detroit is big NWA now Delta hub. the prices have stuck around $229 for a nonstop, suddenly today it shot up to $550+ and thats for any one to Florida up through I've looked as far out as april. (and they all have connections in Atlanta) could this be a computer error or can they be getting rid of a route or WHAT I've also looked at flights to Minneapolis another hub for NWA and it has a connection in Cincinnati for over (with tax and airport fees) $1000
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They had a fare sale, that ended the 21st or 22nd, depending on destinations, $1000 to St. paul, sounds quite odd, you should call them
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So where are departing from? DTW? Here is what I found for the end of Feb to Tampa. Keep in mind that these are round trip prices. 193.00 on spirit airlines and the most I found was 207.00 on Delta. Fare (A1):NK DTTTPA R14STD fare (rules) , psgr type ADT$80.00 Tax: US Transportation Tax$6.00 Fare (B1):NK TPADTT R14STD fare (rules) , psgr type ADT$80.00 Tax: US Transportation Tax$6.00 Tax:US September 11th Security Fee$5.00 Tax:US Passenger Facility Charge$9.00 Tax:US Flight Segment Tax$7.40 Total for 1 adult passenger:$193.40 try a different booking site like or Expedia or something sometimes your cookies can effect the pricing if you goto the page multiple times in a day. like for instance one time you check the flight price will be 400.00 then the next hour if you went back and checked and it changed to 520.00 . Thats because of the cookie that is not set to expire in your cache for one day. . .
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So if the price shot up to 550 to go to tampa, where are you getting 1000 to st paul, MN? Airlines can change their prices whenever they want.
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We have Delta to thank for that. Try using and look for another airline. I live in Minneapolis and I've been using American more and more. Another tip, check first thing on Tuesday AM, flights are usually lowest then. Book immediately or it will be higher again.
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Go through expedia they are cheap!! We got a hotel for five days, rental car, and a hotel and Encore at the Wynn for 1300.00:)
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go to BookMe. You can compare prices on all the major travel sites from one location. It's the only way you can guarantee the cheapest prices online.

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