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Was MSP airport closed April 15, 2011 due to snow? Or did Delta lie

Was MSP airport closed April 15, 2011 due to snow? Or did Delta lie?
On April 15, 2011, a Delta flight from Las Vegas to Minneapolis/St. Paul was delayed for takeoff almost 2 hrs. because, Delta says, MSP was closed due to snow removal. When my brother landed in MSP, there was a little rain, but no snow. He asked a cab driver about it, and he said there was no snow and the airport hadn't been closed. Many people missed their connecting flights due to this delay also. Why did Delta lie about this?
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Delays and cancellations can be a number of things.. Know that although the airport itself might be in condition, the weather around it or weather en route to your destination may affect departure times And know that some gate agents don't know the reason either, and it's not their fault. Sometimes it's better to tell you a story than to just say "i don't know."
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Flightstats shows that there were no weather related delays or closures on 4/15 at MSP. Why Delta would lie is anybody's guess, on domestic flights airlines are not liable nor are they obligated to compensate passengers on a delay of only 2 hours. If you had a connecting flight, there could have been a delay at another airport, but if you had no connections then it sounds like Delta was being less than truthful, for whatever reasons.
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