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Need Great Cruise Deal!

Need Great Cruise Deal!?
I've never been Cruise shopping and I'm in need of help! I'm looking for a cruise for two that departs from anywhere during the first week of January, last 3-5 days, includes flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I have a budget of $750-$1000 and don't know where to start / where I can get great deals. Please help, thanks!
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Go to and and search for the best deals. Try to get airfare included. (Call the sites and ask when you have some cruises you like). Cheapest are out of Los Angeles and San Diego. Be flexible as to dates and time of day. Have your passports! You will love any cruise you take!
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Carnival Cruise has a 4 day western Caribbean cruise on January 7th out of Miami on the Carnival Destiny - 2 people with interior cabin is at $565 with taxes/fees - you would have to call them to see what the price of a flight added to your cruise would be (they dont do that on their website) - or add a flight by Priceline or Hotwire, just make sure your flight arrives QUITE a bit earlier than your cruise departure time! Royal Caribbean has a 3 day Bahama's cruise with airfare from MSP, transfers & all fees for $1611.50 I would suggest you check with your local travel agent, they may have access to more deals,specials & sales that can save you even more and take care of all the worries for you!
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I'd check the air rates 1st, the flights might eat into a large part of your budget. Good luck and Happy cruising!
4 : The flights that day are kind of "iffy" time don't want to chance missing your ship if the plane gets delayed. One option is to fly into Miami the day before and stay at an inexpensive hotel. Just an example...I hope this helps.
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there are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely give you the best prices available. check out the website BookMe and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. it's very convenient and will save you a bunch of time and money. Also, make sure you buy them online... otherwise they charge much higher fees for phone orders. good luck.
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I can only speak of Carnival cruise line cuz that's all I've ever been on. If they book your flight they automatically charge $150 just for booking it, then they add the cost of the flight, so it's cheaper to get your own flight. If your cruise is out of Miami, fly into Ft. Lauderdale cuz it's much cheaper. You can easily find a ride to the Miami terminal for about $20 each. The cruise usually is cheapest at about $70 per person per day. Get a Travel Agent to help you with this. They don't charge YOU, they get paid by the cruiselines. Also They can get you the best deals, and they become your friend very quickly. Plan on flying in the day before so you don't miss the ship. Minnesota is iffy that time of year, I know cuz I was born there. To be honest, add about another thousand to what you've got, and you should then have enough for the flight, cruise, and hotel stay for a 5 day cruise or so. It's worth every penny, and the best vacation you'll ever take. Maybe think about booking on the lay-away plan. Put down $250-$300 each, book it for about a year from now, and pay $50-$100 a month til it's paid and you'll barely miss it. Plus that's a lot of the fun of it all, counting down the days, researching what your going to do at each port, and this way you'll have time to have money for excursions when you go. is a website that answers every cruise question imaginable and it's fun to play with while your countin down them days. You can even set your own countdown clock on there. Check it out, you'll love it, AND you'll love cruising, AND you'll be hooked for life. Every day I wake up and ask my wife " how many days?" What a way to start the day, and what a great thing to look forward to. Start with a Travel Agent, you won't be sorry. Good luck.
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Hi there, I have heard you can get some particularly good cruise deals with Carnival cruise lines, especially at the leading and tail ends of the cruise season. You'll need to take a look for yourself at a site like Cruise Pros or Expedia to see what they have still going for this time of year- around the month you want to go. I put the link to the place where I found some good info on getting cheap Carnival cruise deals in my source box below. I found it had a few tips for our last cruise which came in handy. I hope this helps. All the best!

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