Friday, August 14, 2009

Can anyone help me understand airports

Can anyone help me understand airports?
I am going to Australia later this month. I am taking a flight from Indianapolis to Minneapolis/St.Paul to LAX to Brisbane. I have never been in an airport, much less a plane before, and I have no idea what I am supposed to do when i get off my flights. I need to know about things such as going through the security gate, finding my terminal/gate, going through customs...etc. Can anyone help me??
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There are signs that will direct you to the proper places. When you get to the airport in Indianapolis, you will check in for your flight at the desk of the airline with whom you are traveling. They should give you a boarding pass for all of your flights; if you are switching airlines, they can't always do this, but they can help you take care of it at least. Just ask the person checking you in. They will write your departure gate on your boarding pass - it's typically a letter and a number - such as A13. A is the concourse, 13 is the gate. Follow the airport signs to your concourse. At some point, you will go through security. Make sure you follow the rules regarding carry-on baggage ( You'll be asked to take off your shoes as well. When you arrive in Minneapolis/St. Paul, find the nearest electronic board showing departures. Look for the departure gate for your flight to LAX, and head that way. You won't have to go through security again. The signs are pretty clear, so you shouldn't get lost. Same procedure once you land in LAX. You'll have to go through customs when you land in Brisbane. Again, the signs will be clear and it will be obvious where to go - just follow the crowd at that point.

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