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Is 47 minutes enough time to switch flights

Is 47 minutes enough time to switch flights?
I'll be switching flights on the same airlines, so I won't need to worry about checking my bag. I have a 47 minute layover in Minneapolis/St Paul, (before my flight home to Albany NY) Is there going to be enough time for me to make it?
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Hmmm... it would be nice if the layover was at least an hour at MSP just in case. However, MSP is one of the better airports that do not usually have severe waiting period. Also, most airlines do wait for passengers who were on the delayed flights within a reasonable period.
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Minneapolis/St Paul is an international airport and is one of the largest hubs of Delta Airlines. I would suggest if you know what are the gates and terminals you are on, better be familiar with them. The link below will give you the airport diagram in MSP.
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If EVERYTHING goes right, that would leave just enough time. I find people in ticketing sales and travel agents tend to book really tight turnaround times, I generally take a later connecting flight if I can. The trouble is of course if everything goes right, you get stuck sitting in transit lounges all day but I'd rather wait a little longer than miss a connection.
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Minneapolis is a big hub for Delta so I agree with what others have written that it would be nice if you had more time. However if you do know the airport well and you know the departing gate as well as the gate you will arrive into, then you would know where you need to go. That will help alleviate some of the stress. The Sky Magazine, Delta's in-flight magazine will list out the airport diagrams in the back of the magazine so you know where you need to go. I would suggest you get a seat closer to the front of the plane so you can get off faster and not have to wait for everyone. Another factor would be what city you are flying from into Minneapolis. If you are flying a small regional jet, then you will be able to get off faster since there are fewer passengers. If you are flying into Minneapolis on a 767 which seats over 200 passengers, then the disembarkment process will take longer. One good thing is that sometimes airlines will pad the arrival time so if a flight says it will arrive at 2:00 pm will sometimes arrive at 1:45 pm. The extra time allows for any congestion or airport traffic. Should you take the flight and only have 47 minutes to connect, you cannot waste anytime once you arrive in the airport because gates usually close between 20-25 minute before the flight leaves.
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I live in Minneapolis and MSP airport is one of the most efficient airport in the United States. I dont think you to worry about anything because 47 minutes is definitely enough time for you to make it to the other flight. Good luck!

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