Thursday, May 7, 2009

How long would this flight be

How long would this flight be?
I'm 14 fly alone alot and i have to have alot of stops,because I cant stand being on a flight for more than 2-3hours. August 15th I'm going to Fairbanks,Alaska from Oklahoma City,Oklahoma. I have a layover in Memphis,Tennessee and Minneapolis St.Paul on Northwest Airlines. I haven't flown Northwest in awhile. Some airlines seem to get to places faster than others. How many hours do you think these flights would be?
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1 :
really hard to figure out the exact time. sorry
2 :
Quite difficult as for a flight change etc what is the stopover time would be difficult to figure out in case there is one .Direct flights take lesser time than the others .
3 :
If you have already booked these tickets, the itinerary should have departure and arrival times for every flight, and may also have flight duration times. You can figure this out yourself much more easily than anyone else. If you don't have flight duration times, then get a US map with time zones (almost all highway maps show the timezones) and figure it out. Remember that arrival and departure times are always given in the local time zone for the airport. I am sure you can do this.

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