Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anyone been *right* to the top of St Paul's Cathedral

Anyone been *right* to the top of St Paul's Cathedral?
As a child I remember going up to the Golden Gallery at St Paul's and being fascinated by the interior of the dome. But there was another flight of stairs from that gallery which I was told led to the "ball and lantern". The official website says that it's no longer open to visitors for safety reasons. There also appears to be another gallery at the top of the interior dome which would be lower than the outside golden gallery if you remember your Wren history. Has anyone been to any of these, and most importantly, have you got pictures? Probably unlikely I'd be allowed up there, but anyone got any ideas?
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Yes I remember going up as a child. The final flight of stairs was more like a fixed ladder as i remember! It was quite scary and I'm not surprised it was shut down.

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