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If you only had 2 hours in Minneapolis, would you go to Downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul

If you only had 2 hours in Minneapolis, would you go to Downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul?
I'm going to be making a connecting flight in MSP next month and have chosen to spend 3 hours waiting for a connecting flight. I know the airport is only 20 mins from both St Paul and Minneapolis, but which city should I go to? I just want to check it out and look around. Maybe have lunch and come back and take my connecting flight. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance! It's actually 4hrs of ground time. But our luggage would be checked in already, and it is a Wednesday, in the middle of the day (arrive at 10:30 and depart 2:30). So I would assume, be on a taxi by 11AM heading to one of the cities. And be back at the airport 1:30. That's 2 hours.
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you gotta come to minneapolis. nothing against stp, but minniapolis has some nice things to look at downtown. contact me ill give you the tour lol
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Saint Paul. It's cleaner and the people seem to be a bit saner. There also seems to be a bit more diversity in the way of restaurants. I love downtown Saint Paul!
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Are you serious? I wouldn't advise it, I travel for a living so I'm always at the airport. If you had maybe 5 or 6 hours between connecting flights I would say go for it, hands down Minneapolis. But, all airlines and airports do recommend that you are at the airport at least 2-3 hours (sometimes more if it happens to be a holiday week where EVERYONE travels) before your flight. The security lines usually aren't that bad in the Twin Cities airports (I know, because for 2 months straight all I did was fly between DFW & Minneapolis), but, you don't want to take the risk of missing your connecting flight. That can be a real nightmare, especially if it's not a "popular" stop.
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I've spent more time in St. Paul which may be why I prefer St. Paul, but St. Paul is allegedly safer than Minneapolis!

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