Saturday, March 14, 2009

Connection Flight from MSP to BWI

Connection Flight from MSP to BWI?
Hey everyone, I'm flying from Seattle to Baltimore, but there's a connect flight at Minneapolis St. Paul International (MSP) airport. I have about 40 minutes after landing to get to the gate to Baltimore (BWI). Has anyone ever gone through this plan? Is 40 minutes in between flights enough? I heard that the MSP gates are relatively far from each other... - I am flying in and out of the Lindbergh terminal, if that helps.
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1 :
MSP is a pretty big airport, but they have trains between gates, so you should have plenty of time to get to your plane.
2 :
This is a normal connection at MSP. You will be fine. Regards, Dan
3 :
It should be okay, if you are on the same airline. It's pretty easy to get around. And are you flying into & out of the Lindbergh terminal? Because MSP also has the Humphrey terminal.
4 :
You should be fine. I have had two round trip flights that were connections and both times I bascially had less time then you have and I made it alright and I had to connect one time in Washington-Dulles, and for another trip, had to connect in Detroit. As long as the weather is good and you have no delays or anything like that then you should be alright and also know where you are going within the airport itself. Have a good trip!

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